Why Pilotcheckride.com?

When deciding where to schedule your practical test, choose someone who shares your passion about aviation.  It wasn’t long ago that our examiners stood in your same spot – we keep that in mind through the duration of your test.


We’re everywhere. Choose from a national network of professional Designated Pilot Examiners.

24/7 Online Scheduling. Get your checkride scheduled in minutes with our online scheduling.

Local examiners that know your area. Your FAA practical test is taken with someone who has been where you are, and understands the area you’re taking your test.

Examiners that Give You a Better Test Experience

Stress less with PilotCheckride.com.  Our approach makes it easier to focus on taking the checkride, and allows examiners to administer a fair and effective test.  No more waiting for a return phone call from an examiner only to be told no availability on the days you need.  Go directly to the examiner’s personalized schedule to check availability. 

If there’s a date and time that works for you, book it immediately.  If you need to reschedule for any reason, go back online and take care of it yourself.  It’s that simple!

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Know Your Examiner

We provide a bio and background page of each DPE allowing you learn a bit about the examiner that you are scheduling.  Read online reviews from fellow pilots of the examiners covering their experience they had on their big day.

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Improving Success During and After the Checkride

All our checkrides follow the Practical Test Standards or Airman Certification Standards.  We cover all required areas on your checkride required  by the FAA, but we add a human touch to your experience.  We hope to create an atmosphere that you, as the pilot, can respond to in a way you couldn’t anywhere else.

Part of this comes from a better mentality. Focusing on local pairings and recruiting of supportive DPE’s reduces unnecessary stress. When you realize that your examiner is a fellow aviation enthusiast and isn't just there to be an obstacle, you are better prepared to perform.  

This is more than a checkride, this is your opportunity to be tested and walk away a better pilot.  A good pilot never stops learning, so schedule your checkride today!

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