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Get the examiner for just about every certificate or rating you’re looking for.  If you need your first checkride scheduled, or a higher certificate or rating, schedule here with  We have examiners that provide the following exams all over the country: 

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You’ve spent plenty of time and effort preparing for your upcoming checkride. You don’t need additional hurdles with the last step in your training process. With around the clock, online scheduling available, we simplify the scheduling process and the organization. This allows you to focus on why you’re here: flying.

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Our strategy has one mission: helping you stay in the air. We provide a process that gets your certification complete with minimal hassle. If you're preparing to take your first exam, the hard part is over! You already know how to fly. Our job is to get you the official stamp, and as part of that commitment to success, we’ll have available the best examiner possible.

Our Examiners Highlight Your Skill Without Skipping the Requirements

There are a lot of designated pilot examiners in the world, and FAA standardization should make every test equal.  Checkrides can be stressful, so we try to improve the experience by creating an environment that allows you to fly your best. Our examiners are professionals and experts, but they still know what it’s like to be in your seat.

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Every pilot has to take checkrides. That’s why finding an examiner who can draw out your strengths while covering all requirements is important. Our checkrides meet the same standards as any other, but we put in the effort necessary to help you succeed. At the end of the checkride, we always provide a thorough debrief highlighting the areas that were outstanding and those areas that can use improvement.

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