Certified Flight Instructor

CFI Exams

Certain DPEs are authorized to conduct the following activities as it relates to the CFI certificate:

  • Flight Instructor Initial (see below)
  • Flight Instructor Renewal
  • Flight Instructor Reinstatement
  • Flight Instructor Multi-Engine
  • Flight Instructor Instrument
  • Flight Instructor Ground

As a reminder, the initial flight instructor certificate checkride no longer needs to be requested through the local FAA FSDO.  Once ready for the exam, you may schedule your initial flight instructor checkride directly with a DPE.  Be sure the examiner has initial flight instructor examination authority.  If uncertain of the examiner's ability to administer the type of instructor exam, please give us a call.

Basic Requirements

If you have any questions about the requirements for these check rides, or the profile for the exam, please send an email or give us call to discuss.  Many of the requirements depend, of course, on the type of CFI check ride you are needing.  Additionally, the practical test standards for the respective certificate is a great resource. 

Instructor Add-On Ratings

Many existing CFI's are just looking to add privileges to the scope of instruction.  The link to the PTS is the first place to stop to find proper guidance on what would be expected on the checkride.  The exception to this is the Instrument Instructor add-on which has its own PTS.  See the link below to go to this document.

Click Here for the Flight Instructor PTS

Click Here for the Flight Instructor - Instrument PTS