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Scheduling Tools Built For Busy DPEs

As an FAA Examiner, you are in high demand. Your time is valuable. And yet too many fellow examiners are spending a lot of time playing phone tag with applicants.

We’ve designed Pilot Checkride to serve busy DPEs who want to save time, look more polished and make everything work smoothly with less prep time.

Your Annual Listing on Pilot Checkride includes:

Automated Checkride Scheduling with Pilot Checkride

Automated Scheduling

Automate scheduling with a simple platform that shows available slots based on your criteria and calendar

Gather IACRA and DMS Information with Pilot Checkride

Time Savings

Join a proven, turnkey website and collect information you need when a checkride is scheduled, reducing time spent in IACRA and DMS. 

Checkride Rescheduling with Pilot Checkride

Easy Rescheduling

When weather or conflicts affect your plans, students can grab a new time slot without the back-and-forth.

Get listed with Pilot Checkride

Increased Visibility

Get listed and found on the top ranked result in Google for aviation applicants in need of checkrides.

DPE Community with Pilot Checkride

Connected Community

Connect with innovative examiners from across the US, in an exclusive community where you can share ideas with one another.

Get Online with Pilot Checkride

Fast, Flexible Setup

Get online fast and enjoy the flexibility to configure the process to your needs with no long term commitment required.

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Stuart Cory

A Note From Stuart Cory, DPE

I’m Stuart Cory and an FAA Examiner. In 2015, I started Pilot Checkride because I was tired of the constant shuffle to get applicants on my calendar for a checkride in the midst of ever-changing weather conditions and schedule demands.

This platform saves me hundreds of hours every year. It helps me set a more professional tone with applicants. And now I’m opening it for DPEs across the country to enjoy the same benefits and features while sharing ideas with one another.

Welcome to Pilot Checkride. If you have any questions, please contact me.